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Glorify God - Nurture Students - Serve Community

We want every student at Mountain View to walk out our doors knowing who they are and Whose they are, as redeemed, loved children of God. Secure in that knowledge, they have a firm foundation from which to grow their interests, develop their abilities, and chase their dreams.

It is our honor and privilege to walk alongside your children throughout this process, guiding them through the challenges and successes on the way.


It is our goal to help all children develop an understanding and love for their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ while learning the skills they need to succeed both now and in the future. Our curriculum is consistent with high-quality, achievable yet challenging early-learning standards. Children are encouraged to explore while acquiring key concepts in early reading, language, math, writing, gross-motor, fine-motor, and social skills.

According to the Nevada Pre-Kindergarten Standards (2010), "Play is how children find out about their world. All types of play - manipulative play, play with games, rough-and-tumble play, and socio-dramatic play - provide children with opportunities to try things out, see what happens, and learn."

Thus, at Mountain View Lutheran Preschool, we encourage their learning through movement, interaction, and active and engaging play.

OUR GOAL at Mountain View is to bring the saving grace of Christ to His people. Through weekly worship, small group studies, family activities, youth group, Sunday School, and fellowship, we aim to teach people about their Savior and surround them with a Cloud of Witnesses - a family of believers to love, support, and encourage them in their faith walk. Together, we enjoy the freedom we have in Christ and the joy found in the knowledge of our eternal salvation.

Member of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod



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